Friday, January 11, 2008


I had my skin testing today for the allergens that causes my rashes. It stupefied me how many possible causes there are. My doctor essentially tried 36 allergy-inducing essences and then pricked the skin to see the corresponding reaction. The result? Tada!

I am allergic to areoallergens / outdoor allergens such as:
1. Cat's hair
2. Dust mites
3. Talahib (wild grass)
4. Yard grass
5. Cockroaches

as well as food allergens such as:
6. Tilapia
7. Oyster
8. Egg yolk
9. Egg White

Good news is that, it's not auto immune so that means I'm not allergic to my own blood. I'm being warned against too much outdoor exposure nga lang. But hello! I travel for business, I cannot avoid the outside world. It's my job! So, I suppose 2 things will happen: 1) In six months, I'd look like one big rash with a girl inside, or 2) my cells will get tired of being allergic and eventually clear up.

So, whose gonna place bets then? :p

Love Shangri-la Mall. Laging konti ang tao. It has Powerbooks and National Bookstore. Nice wash rooms. And 2 of my fave restos are there:

Secret Recipe @ the 5th floor. Try their:
Irish lamb stew, Cornish pie, Capuccinno Cheesecake, Cocoa Mocha Cake, Almond Coffee Cake (really good cakes, certified!)

Wham Burgers also @ the 5th floor. Try their:
Hungarian Sausage, Hyuuuuge burgers with quarter pound beef patties smothered with blue cheese or dressing of your choice, criss-cut fries and ice cream..

Hmmm....I wish I have a Hungarian Sausage with Cheese right about now.

But no, I have to sleep. Have La Salle tomorrow and must be bright and early for the kiddos. So, nytynyt!

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