Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Birth of Love...

is Surprise.

I used to think it was just me. That the 2 instances I fell in love, it both started with surprise. Say for example, read below:

Case 1:

When I was in college, Boy1 was the ONLY guy I ever liked. And the first time I realized I was falling for him was when we started squabbling over him learning basketball. We were glaring at each other in mock irritation when I realized the glare wasn't a glare anymore but a kind of seeing into each other. I think that was when we both realized there were real souls in the other person. We didn't end up together, but we did become best friends. Soul gazes can do that, I suppose.

Case 2:

Boy2 is not my kind of guy at all. He has the complete anti-thesis of all the physical traits I've ever liked, so you must realize how DISTURBING it was to find myself actually looking for him when he's not around. The first time I caught myself missing him, I audibly and angrily asked "What the hell do I care?" But I did.

That was a surprise.

Now, you ask, "Why is she telling us all these nonsense?"

Well, my good fellow, only because I realized I'm not the only philosopher savant to have hit the head with a goddamn hammer.

Marie Henri Beyle was this guy born in Grenoble, France in 1783 and he was actually jilted by his passion, the ravishing Mathilde Dembowski. So instead of hitting the bottles or taking apart a hotel room, he wrote a book he called De L'Amour from which Cures for Love was extracted. Oh and yeah, you might be more familiar with his pseudonym, STENDHAL.

In the book he said, and I quote:

"Even the most ingenuous women, if they have any imagination, are sensitive and suspicious. They may be mistrustful without knowing it, after all, life has been full of disillusionment! So everything formal or commonplace in their first encounter with a man scares their imagination, and the likelihood of crystallization (a realization -- my definition) is deferred. In a romantic situation, on the other hand, love conquers at first sight.

The process is simple; you are surprised, and as a result you ponder over the event that surprised you. You are already halfway to the state of mind in which crstallization takes place."

How true the arrow strikes, eh?

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  1. petit4:43 AM

    Ah, the anti-thesis. The ones we love to hate, hate to love.

    While I would really love to answer your questions l'amour, my friend....MALAY KO BA????

    hahaha. once again, friends in the same boat. shall we row? :p