Sunday, September 24, 2006

So Shoot Me

I refuse to believe it.

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After whining over the banality of the recently shown hollwood films, I was taken in -- hook, line and sinker --- by a dime a dozen Pinoy romantic movie.

Maybe it's because I don't watch a lot of Pinoy films--- kaya siguro I found it-- hay, sige na nga: engaging. Pero the movie You Are The One wasn't really bad. The last pinoy romance movie I watched was that Rico Yan - Claudine Barretto team up so many years ago. And that wasn't bad either.

Maybe I should discount that not all romance movies are corny ---- some are actually light and fluffy and charming.

Maybe it's because you start not expecting too much from the movie so that you end up being surprised that you didn't cringe and roll your eyes throughout the whole thing.

Maybe Sam Milby who, measured by any device, cannot truly act but can still charm my boots off should be shot because he's definitely ruining my reputation. And Toni was such an all-around typical Pinoy girl that you can actually empathize with her. To think I don't even like Sam (too pa-cute) and Toni (too OA).

Maybe, truly, finally, I am completely jologs --- more than I've always thought I was --- and kind of happy about it. :)

Kayanin ko kayang manuod ng Sukob?

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