Saturday, September 30, 2006

Olivia the Giantess

Yesterday, my dad asked me to buy medicine from a nearby drustore. Sobrang daming tao! It struck me that so many people are getting sick and have come to depend on chemicals to survive. Not feeling so well myself, I just had to analyze how much the human biological make-up has evolved within the short span of a couple of centuries. Our ancestors definitely did not have the moxyfloxacin I was supposed to buy. All these science-y (but althogether silly) sounding drugs were still in their virgin chemical state back then and yet somehow people lived.

In the Bible, it states that people used to live for hundreds of years. But then again, as the Black Death and numerous terrible diseases spread, lives became shorter. For centuries, people used folk healing and a tremuluous faith-based curing system. Today though, modern medicine have saved lives. But why is it that now that we can live healthier, we also get sick more often?

I have reached this critical point in my mental processing when I was ungraciously jostled by the woman standing behind me. She wanted to "make siksik" so that she could get to the front and get her medicines faster. Ahead of us. We who have been standing there for fifteen minutes hoping we could have it done and over with. Ah, wrong move, woman.

I don't explode like other people do. I unfurl.

I don't usually use my breadth and width to get an unfair advantage over the other tiny people of this world. But some micro-organisms do get intrimidita and leave me no choice.

I walk this earth hunched and bunched up to look unassuming. But when I'm angry, I expand.

Yesterday, instead of verbally attacking that woman, I stood up straighter than I have ever did, stretched my shoulders back as if unfurling hidden wings, imagining it rising obliquely from my shoulder blades and swelling upwards two feet higher than my 5'6" frame. I even flapped it, for good effect.

Of course, the wings may be imaginary. But when I leveled my gaze at her, a giant with just a tinge of sardonic pity for such a small, small creature of the dust, she stepped back. Space opened up for me, and there were a couple of inches extra for me to not touch elbows with anybody else along that counter.

After getting the medicines, I left quietly and got back into the car along with my sister and cousin. I sighed and returned to my foldable, relatively smaller human self. Much as I want to be a force to be reckoned with, I admit it wouldn't be practical to live like a giant. Imagine the trouble I'll cause other people when I'm riding the bus. No one would understand.

Olivia the (not-so-gentle) Giantess exists though. And she comes out once in a while to balance out what her wimpy, whiny, push-over alter ego cannot do in the real world.

Demand, Divide, Conquer.

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  1. ms olive,

    buti di nyo po kami ginamit ng gigantess aspect nyo nung nstp :)