Sunday, September 10, 2006

Swimming in September

No worries. If Manila folks were not able to go to the beach last May, the beach has come to visit Manila this September.

Imagine the convenience of just stepping out of your house and immediately soaking your feet in the sewer-enriched waters of a Manila flash flood. Imagine coming home from work and having to wade leisurely to thigh-high water, and all you have to worry about is taking each step carefully so that you won't fall into an open manhole (which Manila is also famous for).

Traffic is at a standstill giving you time to appreciate the natural mystery of Nature and Man's incapacity to actually construct a fitting street drainage system. It's time for us to ponder about the illusory truths about how people throw their garbage, and that floating used baby diaper on the hood of your car is conclusive proof of the lack of any discipline.

How about that very Pinoy habit of hacking at their throats and spitting out pleghm and saliva on the street? That must make the brew more interesting. How about the countless dogs (and sometimes, people) defecating on the streets? That must put some punch and kick in the water. Let's not forget to mention rat's piss which would probably infect any of your open wounds making you the prime candidate for leptospirosis. Still, no worries okay? Because any happy hospital would be very pleased to receive your money as you try to keep yourself alive.

The wonders of swimming in September has many blissful benefits and I, for one, was not able to avoid, I mean, resist the situation. Why don't YOU try it?

Again, don't worry. I'm sure that one of these days, YOU wouldn't have a CHOICE.

Green Day won't you sing again --- Wake me up when September ends.

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