Friday, September 15, 2006

Hollywood's Blandest


I wish I also had a remote control much like what Adam Sandler was carrying the whole length of the movie. Just so I could fast forward to the good parts and leave the boring stuff out.

Before you throw a rotten tomato at me (Sandler fans, persevere!), hear me out. The movie was a low-brow, sappy, melodramatic attempt at another low-comic jinks movie. It did not suck completely; I appreciate the effort of blending sci-fi with urbane reality, but that was all it was. One monumental effort that has utterly failed. Then again, maybe this is why Sandler is god to all losers in this universe (and sometimes that includes me too). He s so sappy, so idiotic sometimes, so mediocre, that he believably portrays mere mortals like us.

Nobody really expected Click to be an intelligent film though. SO I guess everyone's happy after all.

The Devil Wears Prada

I thought the movie was superficial, incongruous and pathetic. In short, it’s one damn good movie. The movie is about the fashion world after all, and one that portrays it as deep and sentimental would be lying outright. Their satires about designer clothing, models and the rat race to the top is exhilaratingly accurate.

I was irritated with all the characters most of the time --- yes, even Andrea (Hathaway). Meryl Streep is the saving grace of the movie. Its her name that propelled it as an A-list film after all. Without her, the whole thing would have been a pathetic B-movie.

I hated the book. And I hated the movie more.

It is such a brilliant thing.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Uma Thurman likes her roles impossible. First, Kill Bill. Now, Crazy Superwoman. Can somebody teach her how to choose her roles well? This girl is kamikaze-ing her career with such acuity.

I am so utterly depressed by the dimwittedness of this movie that I am quite unable to describe it in human words anymore.

Ugh. Grung. Herg. Blazzat. Berkzerx. Uwata wutawuta!!!*##!@!

It's coming out in video soon. DON'T RENT IT.