Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Mid-Week Hallelujah!

Some people have an issue with Mondays. I, however, have an issue with Mondays and the mid-week hump. Getting to Friday can sometimes feel like you're swimming in a cesspool of dead dreams. So to avoid turning into an unimaginative drone, I am going to self-motivate.

I am going to gather fantastic (nothing less!) quotes which really speaks to me, or share a funny story that happened in the workplace, or simply share a work incident which makes me happy. I am not an Accountant after all (due to absolutely zero Math skills), and my work stories can go beyond fascinating actuary and into the heart warming miscellany.

Just the other day, a volunteering group in Mongolia (yes, that faraway Mongolia) is asking for help in setting up systems for their volunteering programs. Aside from the pretty possibility of my going to Ulan Bataar, I am also amazed at the their enthusiasm to empower their people to participate in their country's development. If this so many people want to help and make a difference, then why are we still struggling so much? I resolve to find the answer to this in the course of my lifetime.

And finally, here goes the quotes I feel connected to this week.


So needed the latter. :D Have a good mid-day, everyone!

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