Friday, April 26, 2013

Foodie Friday: Chelsea Market & Cafe

 Each of us have a favorite restaurant, one which nourishes the soul, and not just your tummy. I'm not talking about Jollibee or McDo. I am talking about a place that offers food you know isn't bad for you and the ambiance alone can make you forget how vexing your work week had been.

Ella and I consider Chelsea Market & Cafe one of our "nourishment for the soul" places. It's a bit on the pricey side (for our budget), so just the fact that we could only eat there once in a while makes it all the more special.

And the restaurant itself has that inviting feel of homely coziness. Quiet, uplifting music plays in the background, inviting you to stay and relish your food. No crazy, ubiquitous jingles trying to make you shove your food into your mouth faster than you can say Mississippi.

 Last Sunday, we decided to eat late lunch at Chelsea again. We've planned this for two weeks and my mouth is already watering at the thought of their glorious food. It's just that, everything we have ordered there so far tasted soooo good. Walang palya, pramis.

I have friends who said they didn't like what they ordered, or that it was overpriced for the quantity. But the ones I got to eat were always worth the couple hundred bucks per dish, and were always good for sharing. And ako ito ha? I eat good for 3 people on days like Sundays, so it's no mean feat to say you get really "busog" in Chelsea with a budget of Php 1,000- Php 1,500 for 2 persons. It sure is cheaper than Yakimix or Sambokojin where you could stuff your mouth but you have this ugly feeling afterwards that what you ate isn't exactly the best and the freshest.

Rosemary Pork belly Roast for Php 480
So last Sunday, what we ordered was the Rosemary Pork Belly Roast and the 3-Mushroom Truffle Cream Pasta, and a couple of iced drinks. And as always, it was fantastic!

The pork was crisp and the meat succulent. There was perfect meat to fat ratio so you know you're getting something lean and mean. The sauce was savoury with a hint of sweet in it, and complements the lovely mashed potatoes.

Yumminess. :D @ Php 450
 Meanwhile, my personal favourite is the 3 Mushroom Truffle Cream Pasta. First of all, I love Mushrooms. And I will marry cheese, if i can. And I will eat anything that has the world Truffle in them. So when the pasta came, and it was rich and creamy without being too heavy, I was delighted!

 Sulit na sulit na sulit. So worth it. Sometimes I wish we're swimming in cash so I could have breakfasts here or afford to have wine with our meals. But then again maybe it's special because it's a rare treat too.

If you find you have a bit of extra money, and craving for some soul food, maybe you should try Chelsea MArket & Cafe at the Podium Mall, Adb Avenue, Ortigas.

Happy Munching!

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