Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Monday: Oblivion

(the first official Movie Monday post from the resuscitated Geek's Guide)

Yes, I know.

Haven't we all tired of Tom Cruise yet?

Not sure if you've been noticing it lately, but our dear TC has become a one-trick pony. Well, true, not just one trick per se, but his bag of tricks have been needing a freshening up as of late. He's become too much of an Action Star (with Capital A and S), and every time he does any supposedly new stunt, you feel the tickling of deja vu somewhere in your brain.

Perhaps nobody was excited about Oblivion. I mean, with the barrage of dystopian movies we've been having lately, one does get desensitized. But I was excited about it because I love the terrible future we have ahead of us. I love how in our movies, we overcome it all-- how we transcend. One person could hope, right? i hope it all proves true that our inner heroes emerge just as the world around us all fall down.

I have mixed feelings about Oblivion. The story was great, although hole-y. The actors were good, except you've seen it all before. But put it all together, you get a decent, quite near-great movie. The cinematography is fascinating, and added to, instead of overwhelming the, movie's story. Ian and I stepped out of the theater feeling quite satisfied. It was even good enough to merit an after-movie discussion over dinner. Believe me, there are movies I'd sooner erase from memory. But this one is --- yeah, it's okay.

I will watch anything with Morgan Freeman in it. And Tom Cruise, who I can't help but see as a lonely, tired control freak outside of the theater, was his usual engaging and believable acting self in this recent film.

I do recommend watching this in the theaters rather than your laptop or tv. Don't worry, the Php 250 would be worth it. :D Just don't overthink the plot, and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Cool, thanks for your review of the movie. I know what to expect now.