Thursday, March 19, 2009

Usaping American Idol Season 8


Danny Gokey

No surprises here. Geeky-looking guy who can sing his soul out? I’ve always been a sucker for it. And given the fact that he’s probably operating on grief as he just lost his wife last month gives him an aww-shucks thing going for him. So sue me. I like this guy. He can sing. He had me when I heard him belting out “Kiss from a Rose” a capella style and really doing it well. My jaw literally fell. He probably won’t win (though I hope he does), but he’s good nonetheless.

Lil Rounds

This girl ain’t Fantasia, but she has them big pipes to belt music out. I just hope she wouldn’t try to be Fantasia, because that’ll be her death toll ringing.

Adam Lambert

Judge Kara probably hit the nail right on the head when she said Adam’s performance is strange. He IS weird. But I think that’s what he has got going for him. Nobody can compare him to anybody else because he’s always raring to be original. And listen to his voice. When he reached the high notes on that Garth Brooks number, I was just d-u-m-b-f-o-u-n-d-e-d. Amazing. I hope he just doesn’t end up doing all, as Simon put it, indulgent song choices, because strange can be scary in no time at all.

Megan Corkrey

Corkrey is Quirk-ey. I like her a lot. She’s also very pretty. Her voice sounds like… well, the kinda voice I’d like to have. Fun, quirky, different. She entertains me. But unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll be enough to bring her an Idol win. Sayang. If she makes an album, I’ll buy it, swear.

Kris Allen

I am kinda underwhelmed by Kris. Muy guapo, si. But at first, I thought, kinda bland. Too cute, too pop-sy, and hello, married to a blonde. (What can be more dime a dozen?) But thing is, he grows on you. It’s hard to dislike him. And his voice, which can sound like any boy band lead singer when your eyes are closed, is radio-friendly. Not the best singer, but quite bankable because hundreds of good-looking pipers came before him and proved the formula works every friggin’ time.


Anoop Desai

I read a description somewhere who described Anoop as talented and humble. Aherm? Wha? Talented, maybe. Humble? Well, compared to Simon Cowell, yes, I suppose. But there’s something about this guy that gets on my nerves. His answers are real, not pandering to anyone, not solicitous. That’s good, true. But it grates my ears. Good thing his voice doesn’t. Have you heard his rendition of “You Were Always On My Mind?” It was out of here. Unfortunately, he took away any chances of my reconsidering him when one of his answers yet again made my ears explode. Ryan Seacrest asked him if he was surprised by the praises heaped on him, he answered “I’m gonna say No.” I appreciate his honesty, but there’s a better way of saying it without coming off as an a-hole. I’d like him better if he said something to the tune, “I hoped.” Or “Yes, because I wasn’t 100% sure I’ll get the thumbs up, and yet NO because I gave my best.” Longer, but more human and accessible, y’know?

Scott McIntyre

He’s an excellent pianist, but his voice is, well, plain serviceable. It will do, but it’s not fire and magic. And this is a singing competition. Some say he wouldn’t even get into the Top 13, if he weren’t handicapped, but I disagree. I think he deserves his spot in the Top 10; but talent-wise, he could only hope to reach The Top 5, and that’s it. But if the general discomfort for letting a blind guy lose grips America, it may take him as far as Top 3. I'm not trying to be mean here. Just truthful.

Alexis Grace

OMFG. This girl thinks she’s something wow, dun’t she? It would’ve been okay, if she was. But she isn’t. She’s a pretty face, channeling Christina Aguilera, using the word dirty as her coin for success. Sorry, no-can-do. You don’t know what sound-alike mean? Then you’re either pretending, or proving the stereotype that intelligent blondes everywhere have tried very hard to debase for centuries. Probably thought she was being precocious, but all it proves is that not all her dingdongs inside that pretty head are in working order.

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