Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flunking Students

I don't have any pretensions that I'm teaching an all-mighty subject; I have no disillusions about how important I am to be facilitating CWTS. I KNOW that most, if not all students who take the subject are just choosing it because they think it's marginally less evil than ROTC, though both are seen as unnecessary, a waste of time and effort. It's just a roadblock, a minor discomfort to ensure they will graduate on time.

I have been teaching for almost 5 years now, and I am so close to giving up on it because it seems every year, the students get worse. This year I had to flunk 3 kids. Oh, now, make it 2. One of them doubled efforts and was given another chance. But I really think it's the height of irresponsibility to flunk something like CWTS. It is not part of your calculated grade, but you will still be rendered an irregular student for flunking out. And what i can't figure out is, even if they are forced to take CWTS, why can't they just put their hearts into it once they're there? Might as well, diba? And it's not like we don't go out of the way to present the touchy-feely part and the scientific part. We give them reasonable freedom to exercise in the community, to imagine up things that they could come up with to help.

Baka nga community service isn't for everyone. All I know is that, when my friends and I were in college, we would've ... we won't... we just will do it. Comparing UP to DLSU may be unwise, but responsibilities are responsibilities. Wherever you might be studying.

I like being with young people, it keeps my perspective fresh. But sometimes, it can also be the most frustrating thing.

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