Sunday, March 01, 2009

Reading Paul Theroux...

... is the best way to rediscover all the reasons why you love to travel.

Seriously, in a job which requires you to be on the move, travel can get downright mundane. The butt-aching land travel, stress inducing airport security, cramped bus or airplane restrooms, barfers, questionable food, even more questionable toilets on the road.... the list goes on. And at the end of it all, there is the general body malaise, where you ache in places you didn't think could ache. But... let's not forget the good things. Right after a long travel, my body may feel tired, but my brain is more active than ever. My mind feels excited by whatI've seen... in my head, I have been through something expanding, glorious...

And that's why Paul Theroux's travel writings excite me. He doesn't talk about hotels, and which restaurants to try out. He tells you of the quirky things that only travel will teach you. He teaches you about the drunken seatmate, the long qeues, the incomprehensible siestas in far-flung provinces, the rough road, the bugs... but in such a way that you'd look back and KNOW it made you more alive because of it.

I love travel because I love to be alive.

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