Monday, December 15, 2008

I Was Nice Today

Oh my freakin' gosh. I scared myself today by making an effort to be nice. I mean, I had to exert actual effort to remind myself to do the kind, patient thing. I guess I don't spurt rainbow off my ass nowadays anymore. It's something I have to concentrate on now.

What happened?

I think for a long while I have convinced the world, and even myself, that I am a nice person. I really don't know where I made the wrong left turn.

But today reminded me how being nice gets you nice things in return. The world was nicer today. Like it used to. Before the earth opened up to swallow me whole.

For example:

1. I decided to give up an hour to help out in a research being done by a sister of a workmate. In the end, she gave me National Bookstore GCs.
2. I decided to temper my anger about a woman who was late for our meeting. Now, I can stand being in the same room with her. AND -- I learned I was part of a free lunch being sponsored by one of our member companies.
3. I did not whine to Ian about his decision no to go to the lunch or hate him for not bringing his car making it difficult for us to get back to Intramuros. I realized I was treating my good friend as an actual driver. Omg. The world nodded and sent us an FX whose driver went out of his way to drop us off route for some yet unknown reason. So we practically went down in front of our office.
4. Ian then offered to buy the training stuff with me -- to drive me to the grocery and bring it back to PBSP so I don't have to lug it to fairview and back. Which saves me a lot of trouble.
5. After buying the groceries for training, we decided to have dinner and I decided to be nice to the waitress at Flapjacks. Guess what? She gave me a Php 500 gift certificate for something I badly needed.

I think the world is trying to teach me to be nice again. Y'know, reminding me of the benefits of being an affable creature. I don't expect to have a reward for every good turn I do, but I'm not complaining til it lasts.

I'm trying. I'm really trying. So help me God. :)

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