Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Starter Grown-Up

It felt weird to wake up this morning and know that I am waking up inside my house. MY house. Other quarter-lifers my age are probably just starting to think of getting out of their houses, finding a place of their own. They’d probably score a small, cramped apartment or a one-room flat. Richer kids would probably find themselves pampered inside a condominium or a townhouse. But me ---- I live inside my own house. A real one with five rooms, a surrounding garden and two 20-year-old kids to mind.

I am officially the only adult in the house now. One of my aunts was kicked out of the house because of dangerous behavior. The other one had to go live with a Tito who will be shouldering her medical check-ups. This leaves me to manage our house and our lot.

It was liberating at first. I can finally prove to myself how I can be as grown-up as this. But then, it gets daunting. The responsibility involved makes my eyes water with pain just thinking of it. Admittedly, the house our parents left us is too big for a starter grown-up. Maintenance alone would kill my back. Ella would be getting a job soon and I’m counting that it will help augment the expenses. It’s really challenging, I promise you. And it feels kind of lonely too.

But I promised. I promised to stay in the house and take care of it. And this promise, I cannot bear to break because it would also break my heart. So help me God.


  1. petit2:45 PM

    Hey. I'm happy that you're,'re back! :) I know it seems daunting and intimidating, but if others can do it, so can you. You're the strongest person I know, and I am CONFIDENT that you'll do a good job.

    Binyagan na natin yang bahay na yan (take 2 :p)!!! Hehehe.

    Take care, Liv :)

  2. petit... game ako dyan. Binyagan natin end of May, anniversary ninia mum and dad. ;p thank you... and here's a ***hug***

  3. petit9:23 PM

    oo ba, just say when! :)*hug*