Thursday, October 25, 2007

Romancing the Ordinary

I'm trying to jog my brains so I could find new topics to talk about. My emo stuff can get boring --- I KNOW, and I could only talk about the frustrations of falling in love like... seven hundred times... until it gets stale. I need new words. I need new inspiration.

So I think I'll dwell on my favorite phrase: Romancing the Ordinary.

There is a book like that and it was authored by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Find the wonderful book if you can. When my Mummy gave it to me for my 20th birthday, it changed my life. It's not at all a spiritual book, but it helped me find my spirituality. I think it even helped me find myself --- and get a glimmering of who I am supposed to be.

The point is simple: find magic in ordinary things. That is the KEY to a happy life. We all live our lives waiting for the wonderful and the brilliant. But that comes to us in maybe 10% out of the 100% of our lives. And that's talking in averages. And so, a lot of people end up not feeling like they are living a life. Most of the time, it just feels like they're waiting for something to happen. WHich isn't bad altogether, but it just isn't the same as realizing that to live life, one should appreciate every detail of it. Even the mundane, glamorless aspects that makes up our daily lives.

I have a lot of reason to keep feeling blue. And sometimes, I indulge in the sadness. But it feels different when you learn to appreciate simple stuff like:

1) hot warm bath
2) a friend's heartfelt goodbye greeting
3) a funny text message
4) walking down a tree-lined street
5) cool airconditioning in nice, shiny malls
6) watching 2 strangers (a girl and a boy) in a mock fight but the truth is they're being pa-cute with each other
7) Looking eye to eye with a 5-year old kid at the back of his Dad's motorbike and making him smile (although I was thinking it was kind of dangerous for him to be there at all)
8) nice-looking boys at the gym (but they're all probably gay)
9) men looking at me as if they think I'm pretty (they probably think otherwise, but I can pretend, eh?)
10) Strawberry shake and bibingka!!!
And that's just a short list for what I found wonderful the last 2 days.

There's a lot of nice, quirky, hilarious stuff you could list down and if you look back, it kind of makes you feel --- Ok. Content. Not bad.

Which is just good. Not bad. Eh? :P

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