Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Davao Day 2, 3 & 4

Absolute sorriness....

My uncle's dsl connection went haywire the last few days as if deliberately keeping me away from the net. Which is good because it flung me to other better things. Like enjoying our vacation.

Samal Island was great! I wish I was able to download the pics already but I made a mistake. I took videos pala and not stills. Kainis. So I won't even be able to show you the pics. Argh. Believe me, I did this all day today:

Anyway, we also went to visit the following places:

1. Crocodile Farm - much nicer than the one in Palawan, but much more expensive too. Entrance fee costs P100 for adults and P 50 for kids.

2. Paradise BEach Resort in Samal Island- from Davao, you only have to take a 12-peso ride on a boat, pay a P90 entrance fee and you are in an island paradise. :P Nice

3. Butterfly Farm - just like the one in Palawan.

4. NCC Mall, Gaisano Ilustre and opkors, SM< Davao - wala lang, can't get the mall rat culture out of my system talaga

5. Bangkerohan - and got myself 4 shirts (na pwede panglakad) for only P 10 amd P25 pesos. Astig!

6. Jack's Ridge and Dencio's - la lang, for the view

7. And best of all, our house in Davao which reminds me of how we used to be when the family was whole. :)

I'll try to grab stills from my freken videos, k? But if I do not succeed, know that I suck. :P


  1. HI. Do you know the room rates of Paradise Beach resort?

  2. oh, yeah, i happen to know. but at the moment... my list is missing. :P sige, i'l post it soon.