Friday, October 26, 2007

A Bit of a Blog Slow Down

Yes, if you've noticed my lagging posts, it's because I do have a more demanding work life than I ever had in my old unit. And so far, I'm still enjoying it.

Another thing is: I'm getting so attached to the gym. Yes!!! A gym! Me, working out! Doing cardio, lugging weights around, sweating.... no, you're not hallucinating.

Ganito pala if you're losing pounds:

-I can wear prettier clothes.
-People take a second look at you and not because you resemble Roseanne Barr.
-I feel lighter, and can even run faster now.
- I just feel better.

From size 22, I am now down to size 18. I don't deprive myself of sweets or fats: i just take lesser portions. And I think my oral hypoglycemic medicines are also helping. I have lost 13 pounds and people I know are starting to notice.

The one person I want to notice though... is still obstinately clueless. Argh.

Oh well. Lemme reap the benefits. Baka he'll notice my new confidence and finally konk his head. :P

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