Tuesday, February 06, 2007

V-day Rush


not again...

What's with all these people running around asking for flower prices and chocolates and whatnot? And why the heck should one watch Hugh Grant's movie "Music and Lyrics" at P300 per person when you can watch it for P81 per lovestruck fool? I haven't even recovered from the Christmas rush and here comes another commercialized season out to suck the money from the masses.

You may say I don't know what I'm talking about because I am just reciting the litany of the dateless geek goddess, but I miss the days when people make their own St. Valentine's Day Card. There was something amusing about all those lace and glitters that tends to stick to your fingers. I miss being 10 years old.

I miss believing that Michael J. Fox was the greatest, cutest man on earth. That the perfect Valentine's Day would mean your teacher giving out little heart pins to the neatest, the quitest or the brightest. I miss the prolificness of those days when I wrote about robots falling in love and getting married on V-day (yes, I was that geeky...)

But as they often wont, things change and the only Vday celebration I can expect this year is dinner with a laptop and dozens of articles that needs editing ora mismo.

Hmmm... I wonder... are those little heart pins with stuff written on them still available anywhere? Or am I the only one remembering it now?

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