Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tantric, Manic, Panic

Floundering about what to talk about today. I just couldn’t allow another day to pass by without my fingers doing a bit of typing. Writers write, don’t they say? And one must write everyday to get the juices flowing.

What they don’t say is how there are days that you just couldn’t manage to dot an i. Not that I don’t feel inspired. I may have a couple of good ideas in my head, and now that I’m pining over love still unrequited, this may be the opportune time for me to mold it into words that sting.

But when I stare into the monitor, I just couldn’t muster enough energy.

I was mulling over this the other day and I told myself that instead of writing, I’ll just go and make some beaded jewelries. Then I said, No, I’ll just do a bit of water color art. Better yet, I should just practice my lessons in Spanish and conjugate some verbs. Although, I really ought to go and build myself a new book case for my overflowing books.

I ended up cataloguing my books for disposal instead.

Argh! Where’s my brain? I’m sure it’s around wosshere but I can’t find it. I can’t find my passion either. What do I pursue ba talaga?

If choosing wears me out already, how would I ever get to actual doing? I’m better off muttering to myself ala-Gollum. At least if I have multiple personalities, I’ll have an excuse for wanting so many things done.

Maybe I can also grow six heads to accommodate my mania.

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