Thursday, October 26, 2006

For Amusement's Sake

Book in Hand: Unlocking the Air by Ursula le Guin
Song in Mind: Chasing Cars


Just so I can say I still keep my friendster updated, I loaded a couple of pics and answered a few messages. It sucks though how my last testimonial was written, like, in 2004 pa. Aherm, aherm, pakisulatan naman o, nakakaawa na kasi ako. :)

Anyway, I just heard that Friendster refused Google's offer to buy the outfit for 30 million dollars back in 2003. I understand that maybe he didn't want to give in to the "Man." Oh, but man.... what mucho dinero you've passed up. You could've doubled your worth. Shux, I hope you don't regret this, Abrams. But if the business commentaries in the NY Times are any good, you already do.


Bakit ba inaaway nyo si Mo? Pakialam nyo ba kung sa may sarili siyang opinyon eh. Sure, I admit, he's fresh, caustic, tactless, impatient with dumb people, and well, basically rude. But tell me he's wrong; tell me that people still respect Lolit Solis after her involvement with that awarding scam years and years ago? Tell it straight to my face and I'd know you're kissing her ass because you probably hope to be discovered by her and become an artista. Gamitan naman sa showbiz diba? That's the only reason why Solis survived, because people can still use her to become famous.

Also, I'm sure hindi lahat ng showbiz talk show hosts are bobo. I mean, Boy Abunda, surely, has a good head on his shoulders although he had to hide it well so as not to overwhelm Cristy Fermin and touch-my-tummy-it's-lucky-deal or-no-deal Kris Aquino. But showbiz talkies have a way of encouraging mindless gossiping amongst the masses, and giving focus to the things that are not important. Networks claim that it's merely for amusement's sake, but man! That kind of amusement dissolves useful brain cells, leaving none for actual day-to-day functioning. No wonder so many people are becoming pains in the arse.

Now, Mo does not come across as a nice guy. But getting back at him by calling the radio station he works for as not so popular, or saying he's trying to hog the limelight after whatever failed relationships --- that is so freakin' weak, man. It's so juvenile.

If I could tell Mo one thing though (which I'm sure I'd never be able to do since I'm his complete anti-thesis), I'd start by telling him he's a role model to a lot of young kids and he'd be well-served if he tones down a bit. But heck, I'll just get flack, I'm sure and in the end, he'd still do what he does best --- amuse us all with his acerbic wit.


Good jupiter in pluto, it's 1:00 a.m.! Somebody hit my head with a club so I could sleep! Got work to do tomorrow and I'm sure it'll not be amusing at all. Tell me how 12 geriatric women engaged in a verbal merry-go-round inside a cramped room could ever be fun and I'd treat you to lunch for a month. No bluff.

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