Saturday, October 07, 2006

Instant Jollibee

When toddlers start pinching you while riding the FX and when they appear hurtling towards you from out of nowhere only to use you as a human trampoline, you just have to ask why.

I know I love kids. They seem to like me too. Have no idea if that's enough to make them congregate around me though. It's a pleasure to spend a whole day playing with them; I swear that nothing beats the sparkle in their eyes when they're having a really good time. But I just have to ask : What do they see?

A walking and talking giant stuffed toy? Jollibee? Hetty Spaghetti?

In church, even babies would inadvertently focus their eyes on me. Then they'd start making those cute little eye batting movements and start extending their little chubby hands and I'm a goner.

I would've thought my being huge is a detrimental factor to dealing with kids --- i read that somewhere. Adults seem to be too tall and this intimidates them too much. Well, I'm larger than most adults (lengthwise, widthwise and edgewise) but kids swarm to me like bees to a honey pot. I guess my pillow-like arms are just to darn irresistable for kids four years old and below.

Wala lang. Just wondering aloud.

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