Thursday, August 24, 2006

Name Game

I like to play this game where I conjure up images of how that person looks like and what his character is based on his name. Take for example:

Michael – is a tall guy with pale, cheeky or chubby face. Their eyes usually look kind.

Stephen – has a mousy kind of face. If he does not possess a cherubic kind of aura, then he probably looks predatory.

Amos – lean, angular with a hungry look in his eyes.

Carol – bubbly kind of girl and she’s got peaches and cream complexion.

Amber – a bitch.

Ian – tall and broad-shouldered bloke, but usually slow in either talking or walking.

Edwin - an old person, a grandfather (sorry to the Edwins I know)

Edward – kind of kingly

Charles – kind of loopy.

Norman – a tall, Slavic looking guy who can only form two English words per minute (sorry, Norms)

Sherry – a sweet-smiling girl akin to the liquor she’s named after. I tend to imagine her looking nice in red.

Cecilia – a girl who likes to sing and ends up becoming a school teacher when she grows up.

Noelle (fem.) – slim, wisp of a girl who talks in stage whisper all the time.

That’s just some of it, and I don’t know where it comes from. :) But it was nice playing it anyhow.

I better head off to sleep now. It’s gonna be a long weekend.

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