Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last Night

Last night, I was dreaming awake about what I would do with, let's say, 5 Million Dollars. Books and beads aside, Here's what I came up with:

An Island Resort.

I will buy an island off the coast of Palawan or Puerto Galera and turn it into a resort. It would have to be large enough to be partitioned into 5 area themes:

1. Enchantment - where there is a cottage shaped like a hobbit house with round door under tree roots to boot, a mini Rivendell and a Narnia-esque house where the front door looks like an enormous closet

2. Writers' Haven - these are the simple cottages facing the sea. One would be facing the East for those who love to see the sun rise. Two would be facing the west, to see the sun set. One of those cottages would be exclusively for me. Each room is fitted with a desk top, a writers desk, internet access... the works for a writer.

3. Superstar Area - Hmmm., I'm not sure how this would look like yet.

4. The Main Hotel - everything super-class

5. The Beachfront - there'd be 5 large huts to house different kinds of restaurants/ shops

Another detail I thought of would be that, I would enroll all my staff into an English Proficiency Program so that they would sound like SagadeƱos and would have no problem catering to foreign tourists. :)

And I want to make it exclusive. (Though this detail still doesn't rub well for my "equity for all" point of view)

I would also put the books I would have published by then so that guests would be enticed to read and / or purchase my books.

Of course, before all this can happen, I have to write those books first so that Oprah will notice me and make me her Book Girl. Hey, if she's got a psychologist and an interior designer on retainer, she can have me as her Book Girl. She'd love my first book, and my second, so that she'll invite me to select her Book-of-the-Month stuff and present it to her beloved audience. People would love me, Oprah would love me, they would all think I'm adorable and amazingly young for such a good writer. (Give me a break, I'm dreaming lang naman eh!).

Then Neil Gaiman would take notice and invite me to do a Documentary with him where we would be investigating the different world myths, their sources and relevance as well as present the different magics that people believe in.

By then, I'd grow so rich and famous and 5 million dollars would be like, my per annum allowance.

Hay, I know, I know.

Dream on, you say. :)

Believe me, I will.

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