Monday, August 21, 2006

Just Barely

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Whenever I se a blank piece of paper, images of what I want to fill it with rise unbidden. I have so many fantastic things I want to capture on page. The possibilities keep me awake at night and I even rehearse it over and over inside my head.

This how I want to do draw it.

This is how I want to write it.

All fantastic things. Brilliant and achingly beautiful.

That is, inside my head. When I try to translate into the physical world what was so marvelous in the metaphysical, I find my hands inept, my patience at an edge, myself so completely lacking.

I am Orphelia afloat in a sea of creativity but I cannot even move.

Do you see why I am frustrated? Nice try, try again, thank you for trying.

Parang tanzan ng Coca-Cola laging pumapalya.

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