Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Tirade Against Small-time Gov't Officials

Don't read this if you're a government-lubbing sucker.

I have pure hatred for LGU officials. They are one-track mind puffins who likes to speak in Me-Great-Me-Wonderful language. Never once with those I have had the bad luck to work with have the mental capacity to open their minds. It's always I-know-best, I-am-superman, and I hope they could eat shit so they'd know what we have to deal with.

Okay, okay, so they're not ALL bad. I mean, for goodness sake, my sister works for a Senator. But the majority of them has this addictive need to praise themselves. And if they know that they were lacking, they act defensively by accusing the ineffectivity of other officials. Cannibals, those animals. Wait no, that's a great injustice to animals, and cannibals themselves. They're the dirt of the scum. They're the lowliest because they seek to be the highest. And they all pretend!

In a training yesterday, we had the "honour" of having the heads of departments in Antipolo. I'm sure they know a lot, and I even concede they have good points to share. But do they have to do it in such rabble-rousing, grandstanding way? The effect of it was, they were limiting/ influencing the barangay units to sway to their oh-so-greater-wisdom. And they keep insisting that the municipal data is the important data because it's the approved data. Ang problema, yung programs na sinasabi nila, hindi naman lahat ramdam ng barangays in attendance. Lalo na yang CSWD na yan. What daycare centers? May mga halfhouse pa silang nalalaman, wala namang may alam na meron pala. So what's the point. Pilit nilang pinapakain na yung information nila ang tama, eh I'm sure, kaduda-duda rin ang mga pinanggalingan sources nun. And true to form, pag-alis nila, nagreklamo yung barangays:

1. Wala kaming nakuhang daycare center
2. Puro livelihood trainings, wala namang after training support kaya sayang lang
3. Pampagulo lang naman sila eh.
4. Wala kayong ganyan? Sa dami ng programa ng CSWD? (said in sarcasm by a participant)

Ang gagaling ninyong mga municipal officers kayo. Goodluck sa election ng 2010 kasi mukhang nagpapalapad na kayo ng papel. malas ng Antipolo na nandyan kayo.

"I'm protecting my constituents" my ass. If you were any better doing your job, you would have done your research and not the mandatory pick-and-poke. Gusto nyo kasi, kayo ang hinahanap, you want to be fawned over. Himasin muna ego nyo, before anything happens. You are so used to being spoon-fed, you think those who have the courage to challenge you are irreverent goodfornothin's.


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