Friday, July 10, 2009

Brain that's Not Brain

Not so long ago, I watched an episode from Season 5 of House where a blind girl who had eye transplant hated what she saw of the world because when she finally could see, she realized the world wasn't pretty.

And in the end, House figured out that there's tissue formations in her brain that is like cancer but not cancer and does not know how to function yet. So all she needed as treatment was brain surgery and not cancer treatment. Afterwards, without the mass in her brain, she could see the world as it really is.

Amazing. I'm sure the chances of that happening is like 1 in 1 million. But what if, you were someone born centuries ago with the same affliction: you cannot see beauty in the world.

And to others, you were just evil, a monster, because surely, you have not inherited the better part of angels. To see the world as perpetually ugly, an affliction of a devil-child, surely?

It will definitely be a wild ride, since the inceptor of House wasn't even born yet. :D

Gears in my brain that is not brain are turning. I guess I have a writing weekend ahead of me. This is the best part of the writing process: when you just imagine it in your head, and you hold it there, right there, perfect, perfect, like a Faberge egg in fabled Anastacia Romanov's velvet gloved hand.

Possibilities are endless.


  1. Hi, my name is Judi. This may sound a bit odd but I was looking for a picture for the symbol of Diyan Masalanta. Google took me to your blog on her (06/06/08) and I was wondering if the symbol you have at the beginning is he symbol. I was also wondering if you could possibly let me know other places I could find pictures of the gods and goddesses of filipino culture. Thanks, have a good one. Judi

  2. hi judi! i am not particularly sure if this is indeed Diyan Masalanta's symbol. I also just googled about the different Filipino gods and goddesses. I think I might have the research stored somewhere. If you want, you could email me your address... i think if you go to my profile there's a link you could click to send me a messsge.