Saturday, April 07, 2007


I don't often gush about TV series. I don't watch that much TV nowadays with our cable connection cut and everything. And now that I have outgrown the melodramas of the Gilmore Girls, all that is left is CSI Las Vegas and House. That's what? Two shows to wait for every week. Hardly comment-worthy. But I heard of this new show which could possibly revive my interest in the boob tube. I was able to watch it once and I was sold. It's called Heroes.

Interestingly, a friend lent me a DVD player and that led me to the opportune (if illegal) purchase of a dee-bee-dee copy of the show's Season One. My God, Heroes overload and loved every minute of it!

The plot is fairly simple: individuals across the globe woke up one day and realized that they can do extraordinary skills, such as fly, teleport, regenerate, paint the future, etc... You name it. They go about discovering their powers and then ultimately learning their mission to save the world from a nuclear explosion.

And yes, Gilmore Girl's Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) is in it. Ahloveeet!

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