Sunday, April 01, 2007

Getting started

Enrolled in a fitness gym today. I'm dead intent on pursuing that healthy self I have always known is lurking behind all these flab. I certainly have all the motivations cleared up today:

1. It was my parents' last wish before they passed away.

2. I would gladly say goodbye to the excess weight that's making my feet ache after prolonged periods of standing.
3. I want to fit into pretty clothes and not the sofa upholstery they sell us biggie people nowadays.
4. I want to shine and make them (?) see me in a different light. ;P
5. The driver of the taxi we rode to SM North today told me I look more like KC Concepcion than Nadia Montenegro whose electoral motorcade passed us on the way. Ella started teasing me kasi that I could roll down the window and wave and pretend to be Nadia. Erk. I'd much rather be KC, idol ko siya sa kagandahan at kasimplehan. I also like the way she behaves. Hay, Mo twister has got his man-crushes. Well then, KC's my girl-crush.

Nope, to look like her wouldn't be so bad at all...

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