Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What irks me the most are people who give themselves too much importance.

Today, I met a really annoying guy. He comes into the office announcing himself to be Mark Ignacio and that he's got a meeting with my supervisor. I guess his entrance and manner of speaking can still be attributed to a lesser irritating factor --- stupidity, which I could still have withstood.

I was asked to sit in the meeting since this guy's from the media. He's from RJTV --- the echoes of which barely reverberates in anybody's mind. All I can remember is a kooky old-looking fella talking about music and his love affair with various guitars. He then introduces himself as the owner of a production suit named Epitome Productions (again, silent echoes in the room announces that it does not register to anyone at all) and he flashes out his cheap calling card (too many pink fonts there for a normal person's taste).

He goes on to say that they are conceptualizing a program they plan to call Pinoy Galing Mo -- Angat Ka (PGMA - K for short). He said it's there to support the President's objective to give 10 Million jobs to Filipinos by 2010. He goes on to add that it's not political at all.

Kung t*nga ka, kami hindi noh.

What's more is that, he doesn't effing know what he wants. He comes here without prior research, presents a pro forma program description and asks what PBSP can do for them. He even ended the meeting this way:

"Sige, ganito na lang partner (taps my supervisor on the shoulder), e-mail me what you can do for us, and I'll e-mail you what I need..."

T*NGA!!!! Bakit parang puro kami lang? Ikaw? Sino ka ba?

At eto pa... ang show daw nila ay may target audience na A, B, C. Pag nagpupunta daw siya sa mga mall na pang-lower classes, hindi siya kilala. Pag nagpupunta daw siya ng Podium, nakikilala siya. Nino? Ng mga security guard?

I was about to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was going to lower my disgust over his unschooled English, preference to start his sentences with "Ang gusto ko..." and "Ang kailangan ko..." and his over-all maangas attitude. But then, he let out that one laugh of a paragraph and I know it's not me just being elitist.

T*ng-In*, hindi kita kilala! Sino ka? I don't watch those effing telenovelas you expressed disgust over, nor do I frequent those low class malls you mentioned (bakit ka nga pala nandun?) but I don't know you. Last time I checked hindi ako bobo. SO baka ikaw, mayabang ka lang talaga.

God forbid I have to deal with him again. If he contacts PBSP, I hope he contacts Felix. If he could really help, then fine. But I have a feeling he's one of those lost egomaniacs trying to hide beneath a veneer of social responsibility. I hope Ms. Patty shoots his proposal down. I don't care if it's not going to be credited to my performance appraisal.

Just. Keep. Him. Away.