Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smells Like Childhood

How does your childhood smell like?

Ivory soap? Wax Crayons? Milk?

I've always thought mine was just the smell of a new book --- given that my parents bought me a new book every week.

The other day though, I smelled something and was astounded. I realized I couldn't move because my brain was busily processing when I last caught a sniff of that smell. I was in a Folded and Hung sale, and I sniffed at the samples of their colognes and spritzers. They had something with Tangerine, and something with honeydew... but it was the Jasmine Bloom which took me by surprise.

There was a whoosh (!) and the scent transported me to an old house, with wooden floorboards that creak if you tread on it. I approached an equally old desk drawer and opened it by giving a mighty tug. Inside was a pirate's loot of ... stationery. And it was all mine.

Do you remember those scented stationery? They come in all shapes and sizes, and in every imaginable color possible. This day and age, nobody writes on stationeries anymore. But I grew up adoring them. I even kept a special set which I vowed I would only use to write my first love letter to my True Love.

Hey, I was eight years old. Funny thing is, I still haven't used it. :) Seriously. Actually, I still have my collection intact. :) Most of it are yellowing with age already, but I can't even start thinking of throwing it out. A lot of my childhood fascination (and not to mention allowance) went to these stuff. And I still prefer handwritten letters anyways. Maybe someday, I'll get to use ALL of them.

So now, if anybody asks, I'll say: My childhood smells like a newly-cracked-open book and jasmine-scented stationeries...

How does your childhood smell like?

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