Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

This is embarassing, but I have to admit: I bought the book eons ago and now i watched the movie. And you know what? I don't care if i'm labelled a wussy chick-flick gal , because, I liked the movie and the book made sense to me.

So, I didn't exactly follow everything in the book and turned it into a personal mantra. But I get the point. We don't have to keep pushing ourselves on men who aren't so nice to us. And you know what else? Even if they're NICE to us? It doesn't mean they like us like us. BELIEVE ME.
Been there, done that.

I'm in a personal salvation mode these days wherein I'm trying to hold on to the frayed edges of my tattered dignity, after going for a guy totally unsuitable to me. And I keep telling myself, NEVER AGAIN. So help me God. Never that way. I'm never going to be that stupid ever again.
And my friends all roll their eyes. Yeah, right.

You know what I hate about the whole thing? What gets me the most is that one guy can be totally emotionally barren, or immature, or limited, but I end up feeling like I'm the dipsh*t. Until I realized I will only be the moron if I let that continue.

So no more. He's Not Into Me. And quite frankly, I probably misled myself that I was into him. I was not raised to "settle" for the average. Ooookay. Obviously, there's still a little anger left in there, huh. Soon enough though, even that will dissipate, I'm sure.

I'm going for the moon, baby, I gotta go.

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