Monday, August 06, 2012

Beautiful Cr*p

Somedays, I just wonder how people earn the love of another. 

Somedays, I get obsessed to the point of compulsion, to track down and explain at which point exactly did this other human being trust me and love me. What are the factors? What criteria did I fulfill which responds to his quota, his need, his desire?

Then I realize it might not be about me. It must be about the two of us, and the sense and nonsense we make when we are together. Millions of scientists have tried to enacapsulate Love in their studies and researches and white papers. All of them are possibly correct, but none of them got the point. Measuring love is like measuring sand. You grasp the understanding, but most of its definitions slip away, fall through, seep out. The handful you do manage to grasp is just an iota of its many other reasons, meanings and possibilities. It blows my mind away.

This entry is absolute crap and mush. I am aware of that. But I’m happy I have this crap in my life.I can't imagine dying and not having known this. Now that would've been real crap.

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