Thursday, December 03, 2009

Psychology of Love

My cousin is a huge fan of Pinoy Big Brother and never fails to tune in every night. Ako naman, it’s one more reason for me to retire to my room early. Tonight though, naabutan ko yung drama between Jason and Melissa. Si Ryan kinikilig. Ako, kinikilabutan sa ka-cornihan. Ang malaking tanong, tutoo kaya?

Ganito lang naman yan eh. Sabi ng prof ko sa Psych 101, falling in love is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Proximity – gaano ba kayo kadalas magkita? Nakakabit na ba kayo sa tadyang at alak-alakan? The more you see each other and spend time with each other, the more opportunities for you to get to know each other. And unless you look like the spawn of Godzilla with the personality of the second coming of Hitler (and maybe even then), the other person will probably find something attractive in you.

2. Similarity – The more you get to know each other, lumalabas din yung mga bagay na pareho at magkaiba kayo. Although, opposites attract, there would have to be something you share in common. I know people who keep on seeking for similarities with their intended, up to the point of wanting their whole worlds to align with each other. This should be a caveat --- allow enough difference between the two of you so you could help each other expand your horizons. But the things you do share should be cemented, or you do it together if it needs to change. Other things to keep in mind: although we all pine for the beauties and the hunks, we would most probably marry/ end up with someone within the same rank of physical beauty as we do. Sabi ko nga, hindi ako pang Tom Cruise. Pang James McAvoy lang. Chos!

3. Biology – And finally, we go back to biology. Or bio-chemistry to be precise. It’s how we smell, how big are our bees (butt, balakang and boobs – womanly, maternal tools), how proportionate our face is, and how sometimes, you just plain spark with that person.

Lahat naman ito ay haka-haka lamang ng mga siyentipiko. I for one haven’t the foggiest idea, so I latch on to these gibberish because my observations do, sometimes, validate the theories. Kaya nga minsan, naniniwala ako, given enough time anyone can fall in love with anyone. Example, you two were the last people on earth, and you are so not each others’ type? Wala, PSB will get to you and you’ll be singing a different tune after, let’s say 3 years na kayo lang.

In the end, Love is Headology, but it consists of blurry edges and colors that does not always stay inside the drawn lines. What we humans know of love will fill the universe, but the words we know to use to describe love could only fill a thimble. So, really, nobody knows.

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