Monday, October 19, 2009

Clueless Powerful People

The worst injustice in the world is the fact that Power and Intelligence aren't inextricably linked. Some people have the smarts (let's say the textbook kind) but doesn't have what it takes to be powerful (money, chika attitude, connections, people smart). Some are in powerful positions, but are as clueless as my neighbour's pet gerbil. I can accept both kinds of smart, but could people at least have some more logic?

This morning, a member company asked us to make a training module for a one-day training for high school students on Environmental Awareness, Global Warming, Public Speaking and Written Expressions. Nanghihinayang lang ako kasi all four topics are great topics and sayang kung i-mash sa iisang araw. At the very least choose a focus diba?

Of course I can find a way to make it work. Discuss Global Warming, ask them to write an Essay and have them deliver it as a speech. Ang problema ko, nobody pays attention to the process of creation anymore. The learning process people! Before you start asking these kids to pull bunnies out of top hats, you have to provide inputs first. So shempre I have to give up on one process kasi para ka namang may ADHD if you discuss GW, then Essay Writing, tapos practicum, tapos inputs on public speaking, tapos practicum ulit. In one friggin' day.

hay, bahala na. Sa tutuusin kaya ko naman hanapan ng SLE ito. I guess im just being unreasonably irritated kasi hindi lang naman ito ang ginagawa ko. Paiba-iba kasi ng isip ang mga clueless people yan. bahala na si Lord sa inyo.

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